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“There’s always a layer that wants to be integrated”

“If you think you’re in balance, then the next second you’re not because the world is spinning around you”

“Your intention is very, very powerful”

“Life is a process and this is no exception”

“Affirm them, people want to be heard”

“I encourage you to take on hard cases even if you don’t understand them”

“The work is more powerful than you are and that’s a good thing”

“Gravity is the therapist, we are just educators”

“If my well-being depends on your outcome, I won’t have a clear eyed vision”

“I love to create curiosity about what I do”

“Call for movement, don’t let up”

“Most people are not awake on this planet”

“I’m not the pilot Mark, you’re flying your own plane here”

“Fascia is a relationship pattern we are trying to affect”

“What is maturation?  The ability to differentiate, to have choices”

“You can’t ask them to surrender if you are trying to conquer them; it has to start with you”

“Success is theirs, failure is yours”

“This is not therapy this is education”

“If it is a deep art you can’t get to the bottom of it in 35 years”

“What is the person going to teach me today? They have walked in to my office to teach me something whether I like it or not”

“It’s not about right or wrong but opportunities, about the questions not answers”

“You know you are in the right place when we have ‘ Ida Rolf Talks’ instead of the bible”

“Clemente and Netter make you feel like you are made like a Ford”

“Given the goals of this person is there enough energy?”

“The body’s discomfort is the body’s request for space”

“Up the front, down the back, spread the sides, evoke the core”

“We are training to be sculptors in a medium that gets up and walks away”

“Birth and death have been turned into disease processes”

“The logic of the body is extraordinary precise”

“The function of the nervous system is to create a picture of the world”

“Where you think it is it ain’t”

“Touch is food and we are starved”

“Sometimes you just have to get yourself out of the way and keep working”

“Look, see, feel”

“What is it you want? Validate client, engage client”

“Your first goal is for the client to have a success”

“If  you can’t let it go in you it won’t go in them”

“You can’t take somebody where you have never been”

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing wrong the 1st time”

“I have awe to this day of the human structure”

“Put it where it belongs and call for movement (50% of change with this)”

“Life is a process and if you blink you miss it”

“Ida in speaking to cancer patient: What are your intentions for living?”

Peter’s work with hospice: “The only touch they received was with the scalpel”

“You have to take the time and the space to be with the tissue”

“Oftentimes it’s a journey of 2 people walking together on a road they have never been before”

“We’re just there to hear their story”

“The desire to help is an egoistic desire”

“There is always a layer to access”

“If your symptoms get better that’s your tough luck”

“ Why push the emotional release?  It will unfold in their lives, Why get yelling and screaming?  That’s what families are for.”

“There’s more sensations than pain or no pain”

“ If I can’t find that place in me, I can’t find it in them, I have to let go too”

“This work works its way on us as much as them”

“Posture should be handled with subcortal processing”

“The things you do with great passion, shape you more than things you do without much thought”

“Starving touch, starves cultural development”

“As you travel out with these people you need a place to come back to”

“You need physics under metaphysics”

“Vulnerability is not a negative sate but a possibility for change”

“A lot of the words and talking are bullshit, let them have their feelings”

“Sensations and how u interact with world and move in world, your place, explore that, little by little”

“Give them a sense of completion, ah!”

“If you want quick go to chiropractor, “ I’ve already been for 5 years”

“Comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable”

“Your worst day doing this is going to be better than any day in another profession.  The testing is the joy, the search, take them each and wrap um up as treasures”

“We don’t want that (bolts on an assembly line), we are artists, each time it opens up your heart to more”

“If your heart’s open your work will be good and it will get better”

“With this work there is a mountain to climb: no getting instant gratification”

“Do you learn through pleasure or pain?”

“Consciousness is distributed throughout the body”

“Stillness takes away energy”

“You can be deep in superficial layers”

“We don’t use “P” word in this room”

“Who has a tight ass?”

“Tom made words to describe what we’ve been doing”

“Principles of SI: Energy, Adaptability, Support, Release, Integration”

“Sometimes you just don’t see anything”

“Longer they stand there the more they go into their pattern”

Mark: “All this pain added up is the initial pain of messing it up”

Mark, “You should do this to prisoners”

“Beauty of work is clients start doing things before you tell them”

“People will go back to long held patterns, but not in the same way they walked in the door”

“If you see something unsure put it in your body and mark where u feel tension on chart”

“We don’t use face cradles in this work”

“Each session builds on the previous session and it begins to become a dance”

“If you release sleeve or follow default you will get some great changes”

“If you want to know what my fingers are doing watch my elbows”

“Fascia is our richest sensory organ”

“Her body is used to fascial touch that is something people have to learn”

“Less is more”

“Constant challenge how do we engage client: his background of massage into Rolfing, oh were going to change that”

“Hard to explain, finishes session, not getting feedback, “Individual is not quite awake yet”

“Best feedback when they stand up”

“How is body breathing, where is movement not happening”

“I use endless menial chatter to distract my clients (very intense subscap work)”

“You can tell a story but then you have to feel it out”

“With all scientific inquiry you have to define your terms”

“I am a somatic explorer”

“Sometimes the nervous system is not there for support”

“Does direction matter? Yes, No and sometimes is very specific”

“Pacing in these sessions is very crucial”

“Working with the overweight: In subtle ways you are honoring their beauty because society doesn’t”

“Listen to their footsteps, are they quieter?”

“The crash is over but the nervous system doesn’t know it”

“Strength of our work over chiropractic, we take a global look”

“The neck is the innocent victim”

“During landings stop and look: give them space to feel body before asking what they feel”

“Description of sensations: burning, light, can keep them out of emotion while awakening”

“There is sometimes a firewall between mind/body”

“Having more info (more aware) does not make u more vulnerable”

“What are they laughing about, engaging in a tissue hat is highly charged, they would rather laugh than cry.  You can cry with them by laughing”

“Pain is a relative term, always surfing that edge, if I don’t got to edge of pain, nothing happens, slow at first and melt”

Mark: “I’m telling you the more pain the quicker it happens”

“Seeing is the most important part”

“It’s literally taking ahold of those cables and taking them where u want them, I  like a lot of movement on bench – undulations”

“I always ask how long has it been there?”

“Ask yourself if it is you who wants to do that or will it benefit them”

“A lot of unlearning to do, dropping caretaking aspect of massage, you don’t need them to be comfortable”

“You have to shake somebody’s tree to reach them sometimes”

“In the clinic, everyone isn’t going to jump off table and say “Oh yes!!, I feel the ground”

“People injured for so long, it is part of persona, hard to let it go from psyche, personality, words are very powerful”

“Slight is a great word: slight tilt”

“If you see your client in a negative light: it will come out, notice how you think about your client”

“Greatest teaching tool: put it in your body, close your eyes for 10-15 seconds”

“When you do less you get an opportunity to see adaptability”

“Your use of words has a lot of weight to you and client.  Be careful how you judge yourself and person after session”

“Ida didn’t want to see person for a year”

“The first time you meet them, ask them, “What do you want to get out of this”

“No pain judgments it is very individual, allow them their pain”

“Difference between massage and SI work is we don’t work on body we work in, create space and open it up, it isn’t always deep, fascia”

“Can you fix this? I don’t know we’ll see how you respond”

“Be gentle with very old tissue”

“Listen to your intuition: does it feel right”

“We have words like inaudible, numb, deaf, invisible, but no word for not “felt” in the English Language.  Many people feel they don’t know how to make an impression on the world in which they live”

“What the pelvis is doing your doing”

“What happens when they slip on a banana? – Integration.  Surprise movement reveals integration”

“Science proceeds one funeral at a time”

“I don’t always follow the recipe but I always know where I am in relation to it”

“I don’t charge clients to confirm prejudices”

“Photos are a set of questions, not answers”

“God didn’t make those distinctions we do and we make them with a scalpel”

“There is both a danger and an opportunity in the way we do it.  Larry and Tom’s education there was no map, organization, just watched work and did it.”

“Here in KMI youu get stuck thinking the territory are the session, they are not they are a leg up”

“If the session is not more the sum of techniques we are failing as educators”

“If you do all the techniques on sheet you fail client, it becomes about you, choosing your battles is in client’s interest

“It’s almost like your shaping the container of their life”

“Always give control back”

“We are the learners they’re the teachers”

“That’s the beauty of this work we are meditating every day”

“You have to keep putting it back onto them: it’s their change not yours”

“Every time I look at the body it reveals something to me, always in a different way”

“Be open to outcome not attached”

“You should feel as good as your client when they stand up”

“Your touch is going to help you choose your battles, just like your eyes”

“ I’ve spent many years as the hound chasing the fox”

“ I’ve spent 20 years doing this and I love the questions”

“ Some clients tell me, I’m too busy, Life is going to change around you, you better be ready for it”

“ The more you go into their world the greater u understand them and their movement”

“ You don’t want to lead the witness and tell them how its going to be”

“80/20 rule, if I get 80% of it the body knows what to do with it”

“The honesty is always in your hands”

“Old clients teach me how to work, a lot of lessons there”

“That’s what we are doing, we are building a complete body image”

“There is a strong intention in this work and there is a curiosity about that, metaphysical”

“ Let’s start using the words that speak to them”

“The power of the metaphor is the power of the intent”

“For some people breathing is a scary event because they have to be fully present.  They control life by controlling breath; you are asking them to change”

“We are hinting on a macro cosmic reality”

“That’s what I love about the work, how it changes me”

“You can’t do the work and not be the work”

“If we were painters we would need every last brush stroke, it’s like a boat and once you push it out to sea the currents will take over”

“Thank you for bringing yourself fully into this room, we all feel like crying but we are not willing to go there”

“Every coat is a layer of protection”

“ I’m crying their tears I’m feeling their loses, you can’t take away their layers and not feel it”

“Clients tell me, ‘Im ticklish’, I know your also scared to death, it’s the essence of that individual you are reaching in and touching”

“Quiet desperation, it screams to us when you look at bodies”

“ I got my layers back with the series”

“You’ve got to work with your fears, I see so much sadness, I feel scared going that deep”

“I had to start addressing my fears, I couldn’t progress”

“As sentient beings we need to feel, it may not be pleasant but we need to have that”

“When I met Tom I thought, this man’s got more questions than I have answers, Oh I can learn from him”

“Cueing to challenge structure, finding difference places and exploring them”

“I found myself giving client time, taking hands off, there’s work happening there”

“Why don’t we want to stand up straight?  We are getting to the core of people’s emotions”

“Poise is contagious.  Held posture is not poise, doesn’t have individualistic structure to it”

“That’s why we do series and send them away, y have made changes, take that into the world and explore that.  That is the beauty of the work, part of the respect they will establish between you”

“Its an awesome responsibility to be present and do this”

“Youre deeply entering yourself and someone else at the same time: it’s a blessing to do this”

Ida said, “Talk to me about your resistance to change and then we can talk about change”

“We all are codependent and want to fix people, but we can’t be responsible for that individual”

“Ask yourself as you work with the mystery that beneath your hands, where is the effort?

“Biggest challenge in last four sessions is to engage clients”

“Its easy to get hands on sleeve, not so for the core, that’s why we call for movement”

“You have to accept your own limitations in doing this work”

“People don’t come to me for spiritual enlightenment, or for structural integration, they come to me because it hurts”

“The breathe mitigates the old habit in the body”

“The picture may not look different but if they move and function differently, they have changed”

“It’s not always the physical structure that’s changing”

“Clients keep showing up with our neuroses”

“Why do we take pictures?  The pictures are a great source of questions”

“My client told me, “You let go” and I told them that they are the one holding on”

“If you don’t engage your client in movement you’re not going to get integration in the 12th session”

“Invite yourself into your own body again”

“I’m seeing all the wrong things, what I didn’t do, what didn’t change”, “Its learning to be in that place of insecurity”

“I hear you caring very deeply, your own whip should be for you and not for your client”

“There are changes you can see and changes you can feel and some that are yet to happen”

“There are problems with success and problems with failure”

“We are looking at this as a process and it is not tied to a number of sessions”

“Put a bow on it and give it back to them”

“Very few people have been taught completion in their trainings: psychotherapy, personal training, etc: recognizable goals with completion”

“It can be economically and emotionally hard to discharge clients

“Don’t let your dissatisfaction with yourself lead into your clients outcome”

“Ida said that you can’t do the first session until you have done the tenth session”

“There’s only a implied promise: things will change”

“Session twelve is being not doing and then calling them out, the art of this work and I struggle with it every 12th hour”

“Awareness runs ahead of structure”

“The beauty of the recipes is that it takes you through the whole body”

“I don’t think the need for this society to be resomatized is going away”

“When you get lost in your own head you lose the innate intelligence in your own body”